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#4 Cardiolin

Cardiolin Varicose Veins Treatment Review

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Overall Rating: 73.9% (ingredient research)

Product Claims:  

This product makes good use of a combination of Horse Chestnut Seed and Butcher’s Broom to decrease swelling and increase tone in the veins.  It falls short of our top product because it only contains 2 of the 15 ingredients in our top product.

Cardiolin provides necessary nutrients to support vein health and circulation.  It is a blend of all-natural plant based ingredients that help increase circulation and reduce the side effects of varicose veins.  One of the ingredients, Grape Seed, helps to relieve the discomfort of leg swelling.  Where it falls short of our top product is less ingredients to target the root of varicose and spider veins.

It also contains, Gotu Kola, an all-natural plant based ingredient that is known to help reduce swelling and increase circulation to the legs.  There have only been small studies done on this ingredient for venous insufficiency, but the results did show effectiveness.  Our top product has ingredients that when combined, increase the effectiveness when used together.

The manufacturer claims this product is effective when combined with good diet and exercise.  This is a good point, and while everyone should practice good diet and exercise, the combination of ingredients in our top product are stronger and work independently.


Cardiolin retails for $44.95 a bottle.  The manufacturer claims that it takes anywhere from 45 to 60 days to begin seeing the results of the product.  Results were noticed much faster with our top product so the cost of our top product overall for treatment is considerably less.

Our Conclusion:

While this product uses a combination of some good ingredients to treat varicose and spider veins, it fell to number four because it just did not have enough ingredients to give complete treatment.  Cardiolin has ingredients that help with symptoms and circulation, but could have used more ingredients that help increase the tone of veins.

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Price (1 bottle)

Price (4 bottles)*
(*best value)
49.9599.80 49.99199.96 39.95119.95 34.95 99.80 47.95 191.80
Witch Hazel Leaf &Bark check-mark
Horse Chestnut Seed check-mark check-mark check-mark
Diosmin check-mark check-mark check-mark
Ginger Root check-mark
Hesperidin check-mark check-mark
Oat Straw check-mark
Butchers Broom check-mark check-mark
Billiberry check-mark
Plantain check-mark
Rutin check-mark
Mullien Leaf check-mark
Red Root check-mark
Niacin check-mark
Taurine check-mark
Cayenne check-mark
Pine Bark check-mark check-mark
Microcrystalline Cellulose check-mark
Povidone check-mark
Nattokinase check-mark check-mark