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Varicose Veins Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of Varicose Veins

When something isn’t right in our bodies, we usually know it right away. It helps to be a good observer as this will enable us to address the problem quickly. Having a pain in the leg region is not an immediate indicator that you have varicose veins. The best thing to do is make an appointment with your doctor and have it checked out. The doctor will examine your leg(s) by read more…

Varicose Veins Remedies

Good Alternative Remedies for Varicose Veins

The body

Oxygen rich blood is delivered to the body by means of arteries. Once the oxygen has been delivered veins are responsible for returning the blood to the heart. Veins, unlike arteries depend on the one way valve to keep the blood from flowing backwards. When a valve malfunctions, varicose veins can develop. One of the leading causes of varicose veins is heredity. Often our own future has been predetermined by our parents.

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Spider Veins Treatment

What can be done about Varicose Veins?

Both medical procedures and lifestyle changes are effective in dealing with varicose veins. The purpose of either course of action is to relieve the painful symptoms, improve the appearance, and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Change your Routine

Lifestyle changes can make a big impact on how varicose veins affect your life. Don’t stand for long periods of time if you can help it without taking a break. Don’t cross your legs when sitting as this can cau read more…

Avoiding Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

What are they?

Varicose veins tend to occur as we age and often occur in the lower legs. The veins become enlarged and sometimes look as if they are twisted and bruised. The swelling can be painful causing legs to ache and feel heavy. Blood pools in the affected area and is an indication that the circulation is poor. The reason the blood pools is a dysfunctional valve.

What are Contributing Factors?

A variety of factors can lead to varicose read more…

Veins Information

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