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Spider Veins Treatment

What can be done about Varicose Veins?

Both medical procedures and lifestyle changes are effective in dealing with varicose veins. The purpose of either course of action is to relieve the painful symptoms, improve the appearance, and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Change your Routine

Lifestyle changes can make a big impact on how varicose veins affect your life. Don’t stand for long periods of time if you can help it without taking a break. Don’t cross your legs when sitting as this can cause circulation problems. Try to exercise as often as possible. This improves muscle tone throughout the body and will help the circulatory system function more effectively. If you are overweight exercise is twice as important, as weight reduction will improve the overall flow and take some pressure off the veins. Tight clothes can be problematic especially if they are tight around the waist and the groin. High heel shoes should also be avoided. Lower heals will help improve the muscle strength in your calves which in turn will help circulation.


Your doctor may suggest that you wear compression stockings. There are 3 main types. One type is the normal every day pantyhose. These offer only a little support but for small problems can be very helpful. The second type is a compression hose that can be purchased over the counter.  They can be found in pharmacies and medical supply stores.  Lastly there are prescription strength compression stockings. This product offers the most compression and has to be fitted in order for it to be effective.

Removing Varicose Veins

When a medical procedure is used, it is usually to either to take out or to close off a vein. It doesn’t prevent blood from flowing but simply alters the path that it takes. Ambulatory Phlebetomy is the procedure for taking the veins out completely or stripping veins as it is sometimes called.  It is used in more severe cases. This method requires making an incision near the affected vein and removing it completely. This procedure can be painful, cause infections, clotting and scarring.

Closing off Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy injects a chemical mixture into the veins that closes them off. Microsclerotherapy is similar to sclerotherapy but tackles the small spider web like varicose veins, by using very fine needles. The chemical causes the tissue to scar and close off. Another version that also closes off veins is laser surgery. It applies intense light energy to the area and after a few treatments the veins slowly fade away. The benefit of this treatment is that there are no injections or cutting involved. Another method that closes off veins is the Endovenous Ablation therapy. A small cut is made near the varicose vein and a small catheter is inserted. The tip of the tube heats the vein and the vein responds by closing off. For this procedure no anaesthetic is required. A local numbing agent is used, and usually you can leave the hospital the same day.

Making the Decision

There are so many methods available to treat varicose veins that with the help of a medical professional you will be able to make the choice that is right for you.